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Fly RC Planes Beginners Essentials

What are the Essentials?

Assuming you don’t have a plane to fly, have never tried to fly one previously and have not invested in any equipment then you will need the following RC Planes beginners essentials.

The following is a basic list of items you will need:-

1)  Reading matter to teach you the rudimentaries of model flying and all that it entails.

2)  A suitable model plane.

3)  A set of Radio Control equipment with which to control you plane in flight.

4)  A suitable source of motive power for you plane. Either Internal Combustion (glow engine) or Electric (outrunner motor).

5)  Essential Third Party Insurance cover.

6)  A basic Tool Kit.

Some of these requirements are of greater importance than others and you need to prioritise your shopping list. Lets try to understand why some are more important than others.

As with any new subject matter, study and research go a long way to helping the student gain an essential understanding of the “hows” and “whys” of the sport. A blind approach will result in a very rude awakening to the realities of the hobby. For this reason I strongly recommend investing in some appropriate reading matter before spending your hard earned cash on the wrong products. I will go into more detail on this subject under Research.

With a basic understanding of the correct approach to model flying, it’s time to decide on your first plane. The section  entitled  Suitable Planes will guide you to an appropriate choice for you to learn on.

The next, and probably the most expensive purchase, will be a set of Radio Control equipment. Again, under Radio Gear you will find an in depth breakdown of information to help you select the most  suitable set for you.


Nowadays you have a vast range of power sources to chose from. Some favour the traditional Glow Motor whilst many younger fliers have not known anything other than the latest Electric Outrunner Motors . There are arguments for and against either choice and you would do well to discuss your selection with whoever is going to teach you.


JBA_61A_Gas_Engine_01If this is not possible then give due consideration as to whether you are prepared to cope with the noise, tuning, cleaning and purchase of glow fuel and the additional accessories you will require to operate a glow motor.


On the other hand, if you go down the electric route you will need at least two power batteries unless you Outrunnerare prepared to wait for about an hour between flights. At least you won’t be responsible for losing flying sites because of noise issues, your plane and equipment will never suffer from oil ingress and model cleaning will be a rare chore.


Let’s talk about Safety and the need for Third Party Insurance cover. I cannot emphasise strongly enough how important this is. Even the smallest flying projectile can inflict severe personal damage to the human body and repairs to possessions such as vehicles, windows and paintwork on anything can be extreemly expensive if you don’t have insurance cover to protect your interests. The simplest and most economical way to obtain this cover is to join a local model flying club (more about this in our Options section).

Once again, when it comes to Safety Issues, all model flying clubs, that are affiliated to your country’s national Governing body for aeronautical matters, will be required to abide by a strict set of safety rules that every member must adhere to. This is another good reason to join a club and follow their operating proceedures. In so doing you can be sure that you will learn all the necessary safety proceedures and safe flying practices.

You will need some Tools and Accessories for a Glow powered plane. The same applies to Electric powered planes but the Accessories will be different.

There is no hard and fast order in which you should acquire these commodities, its up to you. I have arranged the following sub-pages into an order that I would recommend.

Right, if you’re still with me let’s move on.

1) Research



1 thoughts on “Fly RC Planes Beginners Essentials

  1. Steve

    Thanks so much for this invaluable info Colin… has really cleared A LOT of things up for me… i was looking at buying a stuka for my first plane but i now see that would be quite foolish as a beginner…(i did have my doubts lol) you’ve saved me a heap of stress (and money!)


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